The Best Day Of My Life
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Sneaking Around
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Drunk Confessions
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More Trouble in Paradise
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Insert awesome title here
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Flying was a complete bitch when you couldn’t completely walk on your own. Trying to get down the thin aisle with crutches to use the bathroom was annoying and hard and he really couldn’t wait to get rid of the damn crutches. Nash always liked to surprise people so naturally he didn’t even tell Elliot that he was coming to New York for a while. Being out of the army felt weird but being in a wheelchair for three months forced him to deal with things. And now after tons of physical therapy he was kind of walking again and had actual feeling in his legs. Coming to New York was an easy decision and he’s been thinking about moving here permanently since Katherine was here. And Elliot was here. And even Sunny was here. Dropping his large bag next to Elliot’s apartment door he took a deep breath before knocking on the door and covering the peep hole with his finger so she wouldn’t see who was knocking on her door randomly.

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Cub Arrival

Characters Involved  → Elliot Fabray & Nash Evans
Time Frame  → 2-27-13
Location  → Hospital
General Notes  → After Elliot gives birth, disgustingly fluffy

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Dinner Reunion

Characters Involved  → Elliot Fabray & Nash Evans
Time Frame  → 6:30 pm -  11 pm
Location  → Restaurant, Elliot’s apartment
General Notes  → Nash & Elliot meet up for the first time since the break up

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